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MCC Tiangong Group Completes Testing of All Acoustics Rooms at Tianjin Juilliard School
CopyFrom: Date:13 November 2019
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  On November 11, Shanghai Zhang Kuisheng Acoustic Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd. conducted the acoustic testing of the last three acoustics rooms, marking that the testing of all 12 acoustics rooms of Tianjin Juilliard School (TJS) is fully finished. Related principals of the developer, construction and supervision companies and Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated were present at the testing site.

  This work mainly involves testing the sound and vibration isolation effects of acoustics rooms located on bridges. According to the acoustic testing requirements, 12 acoustics rooms located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Bridge B, C, D and E with three on each bridge are selected as testing samples. One acoustics room on each bridge is selected as the main testing sample. Each testing room is set up with an airborne sound source and an impact sound source, and the testing is conducted after 20:00, in order to minimize the influence of noise on the on-site test. As for the airborne sound source, omni-directional and dodecahedral sound source is used mainly for testing the airborne sound insulation effect of floors and soundproof walls and doors. As for the impact sound source, standard impactors are used mainly for testing the impact sound insulation effect of partitions between rooms. Meanwhile the background noise and reverberation time in these testing rooms are also tested. The testing result meets the expected design effect.

  This testing makes related parties have a direct understanding of the sound and vibration isolation effects of acoustics rooms in the project and creates a favorable condition for the subsequent acoustics room decoration.